School Visits

XPark Lebanon has a diversification in entertaining, physical and educational attractions and targets all family members from all ages who can enjoy quality time all together in a friendly, fun & safe atmosphere.

XPark Lebanon is the perfect destination for schools’ trips and summer camps. students of all ages can enjoy a unique experience. our team of experts offers all support to make the trip well organized and to help students unleashing their inner energy in a safe and dynamic environment.

whether you are looking to simply have fun or to develop or practice your skills, XPark Lebanon is the ideal destination to express yourself! both kids & adults can enjoy & benefit from XPark Lebanon signature array of activities and attractions. coordination, agility, team work, physical activity, artistic activities & much more are tailor – made to provide our guests with the ultimate experience.

XPark Lebanon focuses on three “playing fields” dedicated to offer excellent service and best management practices that follow international guidelines for quality, which enhances and shapes the foundation of our business:

  1. Customer top priority,
  2. Creativity and innovation
  3. Intelligent management

This is underpinned by two entertainment pillars, creating a better change on physical, edutainment and emotional aspects without losing sight of the fundamentals of safety and sustainable environment.

A friendly, fun and safe environment for schools and groups to come and unleash their inner energy and experience an entertaining and educational experience at the largest indoor park in Lebanon.
We enthusiastically encourage schools to consider organizing visits to XPark, one of the largest edutainment destinations in Lebanon, boasting over 3300m² of space. XPark offers a perfect blend of education and entertainment where students can engage in a myriad of activities designed to stimulate their curiosity and creativity. In this vibrant setting, students can unleash their energy through interactive exhibits, hands-on learning experiences, and various educational activities. XPark provides a safe and dynamic environment, ensuring not only a day of fun but also an enriching educational experience that complements classroom learning. We invite you to bring your students to XPark for a day of exploration, laughter, and growth in this expansive and secure setting. 

Group Visits

Get a taste of energy boosting, team building and quality time with colleagues & friends at XPark Lebanon! corporate outings & groups trips? at XPark Lebanon, we got you covered! customized packages for groups are suitable for all budgets..

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